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The Gnostic Society Inc.
including the Sufi Brotherhood

Abdullah Dougan 1974

The Gnostic Society (established 1986) is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Members follow the teachings of Shaikh Abdullah Isa Neil Dougan whose main aim was to wake people up so they might find their psychological and spiritual potential.

Abdullah incorporated in his teaching ideas from many sources: Zoroastrian, Gnostic, Sufi, Taoist, Buddhist, Islamic and others. He emphasised making the body obedient and practising selfless service and remembrance of God.

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Abdullah Dougan in 1974,
about to embark on a 40 day fast

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The first three objects of the Gnostic Society are:

(a) to foster the truth that God and this Universe are One and that Man is an expression of this Unity;

(b) to foster in humanity the constant desire for self-perfection so that they may learn to serve their fellow Men and God in modest stillness and humility;

(c) to foster the teaching of love and understanding between all people with the aim of uniting all Men in the service of God;

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Auckland in-person meetings are held every Tuesday and every second Thursday evening,

a Sufi Universal Worship Service Service is held every second Sunday morning. 

Online meetings alternate between Monday evening one week, Thursday evening the next.

Northland meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons,
contact for details.

Newcomers are welcome to attend any service or meeting (except Monday).

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Excerpts from Abdullah’s book Probings

When a man follows the fourth way he lives among the temptations of ordinary life
and has to learn to cope with them, 
not by becoming a recluse but by trying to be
non-attached, non-identified, and to self-remember while living
as full a life as possible.
(p. 37)


The highest thing in the solar system that man can tap into is the silence that comes from the Sun,
an extraordinary quality which exists in everything and everybody, 
but is realised only in very few people.
To gain this silence is the acme of our efforts on this planet.
[p. 21]

Everything is God. Everything is vibration, the whole of existence is vibration, and is therefore God.

Abdullah Dougan


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